​It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!

We know it can be stressful getting all your school gear or being anxious for your first day. Fear not! We are here to help! Here are 8 easy tips to help get you ready for the new school year!

Track more than homework in your planner

Keeping a calendar helps you plan ahead—but you’ve got more going on than just homework assignments! Make sure you’re marking your extracurricular, work, and social commitments, too.

Start small

If you’ve got a big assignment coming up stay motivated by completing a piece of the project every few days. Write one paragraph each night. Or, do 5 algebra problems from your problem set at a time, and then take a break.

Stay organized

Come up with a system and keep to it. Do you keep one big binder for all your classes with color-coded tabs? Or do you prefer to keep separate notebooks and a folder for handouts? Keep the system simple—if it’s too fancy or complicated, you are less likely to keep it up everyday.

Get into a routine

When will you make the time to do your homework every day? Find the time of day that works best for you (this can change day-to-day, depending on your schedule!), and make a plan to hit the books.

Create a distraction free zone

Try turning off the notifications on your computer and phone so you can concentrate on the homework tasks at hand.

Study a little each day

Cramming Spanish vocabulary for a quiz might work in the short-term, but when comes time to study for midterms, you’ll be back at square 1. Reviewing the terms later will help you store them for the long haul.

Don’t let a bad grade keep you down

A rough start to the semester doesn’t have to sink your GPA. Take proactive steps by checking your grades regularly online and getting a tutor if you need one.

You don’t need ONE study space

A well-stocked desk in a quiet place at home is key, but sometimes you need variety. Coffee shops, libraries, parks, or even just moving to the kitchen table will give you a change of scenery which can prompt your brain to retain information better.