Never buy new again! Here are 5 easy tips that could help you seamlessly style your home without breaking the bank.

The Best Places to Buy Furniture on a Budge

Buying Furniture on a Budget


One persons junk is another persons treasure! Don’t assume all garage sales are going to be only junk. You can find some amazing pieces when you are garage sale hunting.

2. Reuse Old Furniture

What’s better than finding a great piece of furniture or an accessory for free? Keeping perfectly usable goods out of your landfills helps both the environment and you. Especially when you’re in need and on a budget.

3. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are a great way to find high quality furniture, for a fraction of retail cost. Like with this Casa Hermosa Furniture Dining Table with 8 Chairs & Matching China Hutch available at our Scottsdale location! Retail price was $20,000! Our price is only $3,200 for the set! You will always find a great deal shopping at iConsign Stores!

4. DIY Projects

Don’t be afraid of DIY projects. You don’t have to be a master in arts and crafts; you just need patience and an open mind. Pinterest & Youtube is a great way to learn how to fix the table with all those scratches or reupholstering those chairs you have been wanting to do for years. Before you spend the big bucks, consider repurposing those items yourself.

Buying Used Furniture on a Budget

5. Floor Sample Sales

If you’d rather buy new furniture, ask stores about their floor samples. Furniture stores change displays throughout the year; once it’s time for a new set up, the showcased furniture often sells at a deep discount. The piece may have minimal wear and tear, but it could be a great deal.

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At i-consignment stores, you can find stylish furniture that’s just right for your unique home. With these 5 easy tips and some extra effort in styling it up yourself or hiring someone like an interior decorator or one of our interior designers to help with designs, color schemes etc., getting great deals will be simple!