Are you tired of looking at that old armoire that’s been taking up space in your home for years, or considering purchasing one at a consignment store, but unsure of how to make use of it? Our iConsign team has compiled a list of 20 creative ways to give your armoire new life through refurbishment. From repurposing it as a bar to transforming it into a home office, the possibilities are endless. So, how do you repurpose an old armoire? Keep reading for some inspiring and practical ideas.

Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Antique Armoire

Armoire Repurpose
  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Shoe Closet
  • Kids Toy Closet
  • Craft Station
  • Pet Supply Closet
  • Mudroom / Coat Closet Cubby
  • Desk / Office Station
  • Laundry Storage
  • Bedroom Vanity
  • Open Bar
  • Linen Closet
  • Changing Table
  • Kids Art Station
  • Sewing / Ironing Station
  • Gardening Station
  • Bookcase
  • Bird Cage
  • Wrapping StationM​
  • Bathroom Storage
  • Display Cabinet
Repurpose Armoire

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What Can I Do with My Old Armoire?

There are many creative ways you can repurpose an old armoire to suit your needs and personal style. Some ideas include:

  • Transforming it into a home office by installing shelves, drawers, and a tabletop to create a functional workspace
  • Repurposing it as a bar by adding shelves and a countertop for displaying and storing glassware, spirits, and mixers
  • Creating a cozy reading nook by adding cushions, pillows, and blankets to the interior and installing dimmable lighting
  • Upcycling it into a storage solution for linens, towels, or guest room essentials by adding shelves or baskets
  • Turning it into a mini-library by installing shelves and adding a comfortable reading chair or cushion
  • Repurposing it as a playroom storage unit by adding bins or baskets to hold toys and games.

How Do You Refurbish an Old Armoire?

To refurbish an old armoire, you will need to:

  • Assess its current condition and make any necessary repairs, such as fixing broken hinges, filling in holes, or replacing damaged wood.
  • Clean the armoire thoroughly, using a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth to remove any dirt or grime.
  • Decide on a new look for the armoire and choose the appropriate materials and techniques to achieve it. This could involve painting or staining the wood, adding new hardware, or covering the exterior with fabric or wallpaper.
  • Consider the functionality of the armoire and add any necessary storage solutions or organizational elements to make it more practical and user-friendly. This could include adding shelves, drawers, baskets, or hooks.

What Can You Put in an Armoire?

A repurposed armoire can be used to store a wide range of items, depending on its size and configuration. Some common items that can be stored in an armoire include:

  • Clothing, such as dresses, suits, coats, and shoes
  • Linens, such as sheets, towels, and blankets
  • Dishes and glassware
  • Electronics, such as a television, computer, or gaming console
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Craft supplies and tools
  • Children’s toys and games
  • Books and other media

How Do You Convert an Armoire to a Craft Station?

To repurpose an armoire into a craft station, you will need to:

  • Remove any existing shelves or drawers and assess the interior space to determine the best layout and storage solutions for your craft supplies.
  • Install organizational elements such as shelves, baskets, or dividers to hold and organize different types of supplies.
  • Add a workspace by attaching a tabletop or mounting a cutting mat onto the door. Consider the height and size of the armoire and choose a workspace solution that is comfortable and practical for you.
  • Install adequate lighting, such as task lighting or a lamp, to ensure that you have a well-lit workspace.
  • If needed, install electrical outlets to power any tools or equipment you will be using.
  • Customize the armoire to your specific craft needs by adding any additional storage solutions or elements that will make your craft station more functional and efficient.

Repurposing an Armoire

With unlimited possibilities, repurposing an old armoire can be a fun and rewarding project that allows you to give new life to a piece of furniture and make it more functional and personal. Whether you choose to transform it into a home office, a bar, a reading nook, or a storage solution, the possibilities are endless. With a little bit of creativity, elbow grease, and the right materials, you can easily refurbish an old armoire and make it a unique and valuable addition to your home. Plus, repurposing an armoire is a great way to reduce waste and give an old piece of furniture a second chance, rather than sending it to the landfill. So if you have an armoire that you no longer have a use for, consider repurposing it and adding a touch of your own style and personality to your home.