We all see those home design shows and say to ourselves, “I wish my house could look like that, if only I had the money.” Well, you can get the same look, but on a budget! You just need to know where to look.

Such as consignment and thrift stores! Next time you’re at a consignment store, keep an eye out for these easy-to-come-by decorations.


Wooden crates are great for combining storage and style. They are easy to find and pretty inexpensive. Old soda crates are a bit pricier, but they add a warm, vintage touch to home decor. And these aren't just for storage: A clever option is to stack two crates on their sides to use as a ready-made side table. Built-in storage for books, albums and movies is just a plus.


You’ve probably seen the expensive blanket ladders at home goods stores, but to save money and get a more unique look, consider buying a plain wooden ladder at the flea market. Usually inexpensive, it might just need a coat of paint to be the perfect addition to your living room.


Traditional armchairs are pretty easy to find, and they are usually priced fairly according to their condition. A great option is to find a nice chair with good “bones” but might be older fabric. That way, you can reupholster it in the fabric of your choice. Therefore, you save money on the chair and can use that extra cash to achieve a custom look.


Old books are so easy to find, which is great as you can never have too many. Put favorite titles on the shelf, and use others as easy decor. It doesn’t even matter what the book is! If you have any talent with a jigsaw, books sawn into brainy initials are also a growing trend you can buy or DIY.


Generally pretty cheap and readily available, glass jars in all shapes and sizes are at every flea market or consignment store worldwide just waiting for a nice home. Blue Mason jars? They’ve got it. Gorgeous glass vases? Yep. Always be on the lookout for interesting shapes and colors, and it won’t take long to curate a collection.


Vintage locker baskets are a good size for storage and they’re fairly cheap too. You could probably find one today for $30, but hold out and you’re likely to find one as low as $15.

So remember to keep on the look out when you're in consignment stores!

You never know what you might find!

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